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05.08.08 new halo effect demo "Seven Years" available.

in anticipation of the release of the album, a demo verion of the vocal track for "Seven Years" was released. interested in hearing the demo of the album version? click here!

04.29.08 new halo effect remixes from "Seven Years" demo part of upcoming release.

a demo verion of the vocal track for "Seven Years" has been released and remixes are starting to show up. the first confirmed remix to be used is the "partly-cloudy version." If you're interested in trying your hand at remixing this track, feel free to contact pocketwookie@gmail.com. be sure to mention "Seven Years" in the topic of your email. We hope to hear from you soon!

03.15.07 halo effect covers depeche mode's "new dress."

not available on any HE disc, this track is an exclusive on the official halo effect myspace site. check it out .

03.15.07 halo effect featured on the Music From the Other Side podcast #2.

this podcast features the 1986 track. MFTOS#4.

01.17.07 DJ kung-fu grip featured on NFTOS CD.

DJ kung-fu grip is a little side project of mine. my version of the ALT rap song is on the first news from the other side music cd. you may love it, you may hate it, but there's bound to be something on the cd you can respect. NFTOS CD01.

01.09.07 halo effect vs. mr. 1986.

mr. 1986 is no more. one of the best instrumental bands i've had the pleasure of seeing live. unofrtunately, they've broken up. so in order to prolong the pleasure, i've worked up a remix of one of their tracks. long live mr. 1986.

01.09.07 halo effect featured on the Music From the Other Side podcast #2.

a friend of mine from my college days is doing some great things in music and art scene in Japan. One of his projects is a regular podcast featuring music from around the world. this one has one of my tracks from a discarded 2000 project. it's a great track that i never found a home for, it's called brighter day. MFTOS#2.

06.24.06 "my love" remix now online.

hooked up with an old colleage of mine, and ended up remixing his track

04.04.06 deus ex machina archive.

a couple of weeks ago someone looking for deus ex machina tracked me down. well, long story short, i've devoted part of the site to a DEM archive. for an exciting look into my past, check it out.

04.01.06 halo effect myspace launch.

well, we resisted as long as we could. but the pressure was too much. we've launched an alternate site for info at myspace.com. link to us!

01.31.06 new remix of "sanctuary" now online

so we were going through the online single sales stats for the year 2005. as it turns out, "sanctuary" has been the track that's pulled in the most sales from apple itunes.

so to honor this achievement, we've put together a special remix only available from this site. download and enjoy.

11.14.05 another side project

here's one of the reasons progress on the new album has been slow. i've been involved in a side project with norv from sucia. i've put up a couple of demos on the site. give them a listen and shoot me some feedback.

10.01.05 new album progress report

ok, so it's taking awhile, but made a lot of prmost of the music has been written. the lyrics are still coming. not sure of a projected finish date yet, however. been really busy with a lot of side projects.

09.15.05 revisionism 02 update

"chalktooth" fans rejoice (rob, this one is for you). finished all the music, and one track complete. this will be another web exclusive project. the first track is available for download now with more to come.

06.11.05 HE joins the fray

we were a late entrant into the battle of the bands and a worthy opponent. unfortunately not a crowd favorite. but we still put on a great show. pics in the media section of the site

05.05 revisionism 01 update

this is for all of the "101 voluptous days" fans out there. all the tracks finsihed. they're not the songs you think you know. these tracks are only available from this website. our gift to you. enjoy.

05.18.05 isolation reviewed on raves.com

four stars. nice. another great review, this time from raves.com.

"... the strong textures created without excess audio clutter truly hooks one in; it's a testament to Halo Effect's talent that synthpop can function so well with a minimum of uptempo songs."

05.05 haloeffect played on flashback alternatives

good shows. great music. check it out at flashbackalternatives.com

02.06.05 isolation reviewed on synthpop.net

four and a half stars. love this great review from synthpop.net. over 100 reviews. a lot of good stuff too. this jason baker knows his stuff.

"This is certainly not an album to listen to on a gray and cloudy day, but for those days where you feel like nothing is going right, this is a great cd to pop in and realize someone else has felt this... emptiness."

10.04 haloeffect gets regular rotation on starcityscene.com

check it out. interested in other lincoln, nebraska bands? this is the best place to find them. and the encyclopedia of lincoln bands is quite impressive.

10.04 isolation on itunes

isolation is now available on itunes. are you looking for a particular track? download it for only 99 cents.

05.04 isolation for sale online

can't find it locally? then pick it up at cdbaby.com. it's a great resource for independent music.

04.04.04 isolation released

it's finsihed. look for it in local stores soon.

11.28.03 early feedback from forthcoming album "isolation"

"it's the perfect soundtrack for a suicide chamber." i couldn't have asked for a better review .